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Spanish Translation Lists
List #7

To get the best out of this list, download the transcript and follow the instructions:

This list is included in the online course Spanish Sprint 1 Complete Edition, where you can find 46 lists like this one. 

  1. Listen to the sentences in English and Spanish while you read them at the same time.
    When you hear each sentence in English, catch the meaning. When you hear the
    sentence again in Spanish, think of the meaning you have caught. That is, try to “deploy” or
    roll out” the meaning you captured from the sentence in English, on the sentence in
    Spanish that you are hearing now.
    Now go away! Go for a walk with your headphones! And continue the process while you walk:
  2. Listen to the first sentence in English.
  3. Then pause immediately the audio and try to say it aloud in Spanish.
  4. Then resume the audio (the sentence in Spanish will be played) and check if you did it
    right when it is pronounced in Spanish. Do this with all the sentences of the list.
  5. Repeat the list again and again until you can say all the sentences correctly and fluently.
So the steps are: read, listen, pause, say it aloud, resume, check and repeat

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