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#2: Territorial Organization of Spain

Welcome to the podcast Learn Spanish with Borja. In this second podcast I will talk about the territorial organization of Spain.  Enjoy!

Bienvenido al podcast Spanish with Borja. En este segundo podcast hablaré sobre la organización territorial de España  ¡Que lo disfrutes!

If you want to put in practice the Sprintalk Method and learn faster, you need to download the transcript of this podcast, or read it below. In order to do that, you need to log in (or create an account for free in only one step). Once logged in you will also be able to download the mp3. Enjoy!


2 ES Learn Spanish Podcast 2: Territorial Organization of Spain

Welcome to this second Spanish podcast with the Sprintalk method!

Bienvenido a este segundo podcast de español con el método Sprintalk!

This podcast, like the first one, will be bilingual. But from the third podcast onwards I will speak only in Spanish. However, you will still have it in English and Spanish in the transcript.

Este podcast, como el primero, será bilingüe. Pero a partir del tercero hablaré solo en español. Sin embargo, lo seguirás teniendo en inglés y en…

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