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#5 The greatest explosion in Human History. Tunguska Event

Welcome to the fifth episode of the program,  Learn Spanish fast with Borja!  In this episode I am going to talk about the huge explosion of Tunguska, the greatest one and the most mysterious in Human History. What happened actually? What do we know about it? Ok, join me and discover the story of this impressive event. You will learn a lot of vocabulary, structures and past tenses. Join the Sprintalk Method!

¡Bienvenido al quinto episodio del programa Learn Spanish Fast with Borja! En este episodio voy a hablar de la gran explosión de Tunguska, la más grande y la más misteriosa de la historia de la Humanidad. ¿Qué pasó en realidad? ¿Qué sabemos de ella? Bien, acompáñame y descubre la historia de este impresionante acontecimiento. Aprenderás mucho vocabulario, estructuras y tiempos pasados. Únete al método Sprintalk

If you want to put in practice the Sprintalk Method and learn faster, you need to download the transcript of this podcast, or read it below. In order to do that, you need to log in (or create an account for free in only one step). Once logged in you will also be able to download the mp3. Enjoy!

Learn Spanish Fast #5 Evento de Tunguska



¡Bienvenido al quinto episodio para aprender español de Sprintalk! Welcome to the fifth episode for learning Spanish by Sprintalk!


Just as a reminder, I want to remind you that the podcast “Learn Spanish Fast with Borja” is based on the Sprintalk method of language learning. That is to say, it is about exposing the brain to a new language in a contextualised way and dealing with interesting topics or topics that arouse interest so that the brain tries to understand not because it wants to learn the language but because it wants to understand what I am saying, because the topic itself is interesting. This way your mind unconsciously tries to understand the language better because it is interested in the topic of the episode. In addition, each episode uses a vocabulary designed to crush certain structures and to learn faster. For example, today, like last week, we will talk about an event that took place in the past. So we will use verbs in the past tense. In other episodes we will talk about an event that will take place in the future, using future tenses. In other episodes we will talk about what would happen or what a particular scenario would be like if something happened, using conditionals, etc. 


To absorb a language, the mood is also very important, so listen to the music and relax as we are about to start ok?


Today I will talk about the most mysterious and biggest explosion in human history and what we know about it. Remember to download the transcript at sprintalk.com/spanish


Are you ready? Ok, relax and let’s go!




The mystery of Tunguska, the meteorite that hit Siberia with a force more than a thousand times the atomic bomb of Hiroshima, and yet left no trace.


El misterio de Tunguska, el meteorito que impactó Siberia con una fuerza de más de mil veces la bomba atómica de Hiroshima, y que, sin embargo, no dejó ningún rastro.



In the year 1908, the largest explosion in the history of mankind took place; a huge explosion of more than 15 megatons, equivalent to a thousand Hiroshima bombs, which occurred at 07.13 a.m. on June 30, 1908 in Siberia, Russia. In just a few seconds, a scorching heat set the sky ablaze, and a deafening explosion buried more than 80 million trees in an area of more than two thousand kilometres of forest.


En el año 1908, tuvo lugar la mayor explosión de la historia de la humanidad; una enorme explosión de más de 15 megatones, equivalente a mil bombas como…

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